Boating Etiquette

Few things are as much fun as spending a day on the lake.  But everyone's fun can quickly get spoiled by other boaters behaving badly.  Please remember these quick tips:

  1. Make sure you Clean, Dry and Drain your boat before putting it in the lake.  This reduces the chances of spreading invasive species.

  2. Check the wind and weather

  3. Check boat load and number of life jackets are appropriate

  4. Understand ALL buoys and markers.

  5. 5 mph within 100 feet of shore.

  6. Avoid sending large tubing or surfing wakes towards shore properties.

  7. Avoid circular wakes radiating in all directions, especially in the mornings/evenings.

  8. Please no refuse or urine in the lake.

  9. 20 mph speed limit and NO towing or surfing through Sunset Strait