The Sorcerer of Fun


Who was the Sorcerer of Fun?

Jeffrey “Huge” Volmrich aka “The Sorcerer of Fun” was an athlete, husband, brother, son, father, mentor, and friend. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1964, Jeff spent his summers at his family’s camp on Buck Island in Lake Placid which became a spiritual center for him.


In 1974, Jeff’s family relocated to Lake Placid full time, and he was introduced to the sport of Nordic ski jumping. Jeff graduated from Northwood School in Lake Placid and went on to attend St. Lawrence University where many of his lifelong friendships were born.


A gifted athlete from a young age, Jeff became the Junior National Ski Jumping Champion at age 14, and competed on the World Cup for the U.S. Ski Team where he was a member from 1981 until 1989. Jeff was also a nationally ranked water skier, an avid telemark skier, and a skilled fly fisherman. There were few sports that Jeff did not excel at once he put his mind to them.


Jeff married Fiona White on August 7, 1999, and they had a wonderful partnership for over twenty years. They made their home in Park City, Utah building their business and raising their family. Jeff was immensely proud of his two daughters, Taylor Grace Volmrich and Savannah Mary Volmrich, both of whom are accomplished athletes, pageant competitors, and wonderful human beings. As a father, Jeff was a patient and thoughtful teacher across the many, many facets of life; that if things were worth doing, they were worth doing well, or at least to the best of your personal ability.


Jeff was more than just a great athlete; he was an enthusiast of life. He had infectious joie de vie that made him a great story teller, traveling companion, competitor, mentor and an introspective conversationalist. He loved to teach others to water ski on Lake Placid, as well as to partake in the many other activities in that environ; a passion that earned him the apt moniker of “The Sorcerer of Fun”. He spent many childhood summers at Camp Woodsmoke, became a 46er at age 13 and his camp experiences were an indelible influence on his life.


Jeff was also an incredible friend. He cultivated his friendships carefully and valued them as important threads in the fabric of his life. In doing so, he embedded himself in the lives of many. Jeff was a big man, with an even bigger presence; some would even say…Huge. His spirit will live among us forever. Rock on Jeffrey!


All hail,